This Minecraft horror map looks genuinely spooky

Minecraft is a sandbox game where you can build just about anything you can think of. That means you can play Wordle or Minesweeper in Minecraft if you want to. The possibilities are endless, and that also means players can go way beyond just recreating games we all know and love, and make some really cool original content – including houses full of grisly horrors.

One thing that many people might not think of when playing Minecraft is how good it can be as a horror game. While a lot of players like to make the world look pretty and mess about with creating absurd Redstone creations, others like to lean into the unsettling nature of some of the game’s areas. That’s exactly what TheChopper2112 and SSupersette on Reddit have done with this horror map.

The two Redditors created the map as part of the Yeggs Spring 2022 Mapjam, where lots of creators put their heads and pickaxes together to develop new maps as part of a competition. This kind of thing is always going to throw up a lot of interesting finds, and you should have a look through if you’re looking for new experiences. You can find the full list of maps in this spreadsheet, but the one you’ll want to try out for the scary experience is Ashen.

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