What you need to know

  • This new USB-C charger looks like a Macintosh and that’s all you need to know.
  • The charger is capable of powering devices at up to 35W.
  • Prices start at just $25 for one.

This little charger can fast-charge your iPhone and iPad and looks like a gorgeous little Macintosh.

Have you ever wished that you could have a little USB-C charger that looked like an Apple Macintosh and also had a display that indicated whether your device was charging or not? You have? Oh well, you’re in luck!

The Shargeek Retro 35GaN Charger is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s a small USB-C charger that is good for 35w of power output and is super, super cute. It comes with a display that can change color to indicate whether your device is charging, not charging, fast charging, and more. And it even comes with some handy stickers that turn that display into the infamous Macintosh face.

As Stephen Hackett says, just look at it!

There is no doubt at all that this is the cutest little USB-C charger you’re likely to come across and at $25 for a 35w Fast charger, you can’t go wrong. You can even get a little discount when you buy more than one, too. You’ll need to do that via Indiegogo, unfortunately, but unsurprisingly the project is already more than unfunded. To the tune of 6525% at the time of writing, to be specific.

This little charger deserves pride of place on a desk somewhere, to be sure. But even if you’re going to put it on the floor and out of reach, at least you’ll know it’s there. Smiling up at you, eager to please. It might be the best iPhone charger money can buy right now — and you can get four of them!

Original source: https://www.imore.com/gorgeous-little-charger-apple-macintosh-disguise