Valve has started providing us with a regular series of updates on Steam’s bestsellers every month, and the list in months past has tended to highlight plenty of games that otherwise haven’t gotten much attention. This month, however, the platform’s list of profitable titles includes something especially interesting – a little bit of Steam porn.

June’s list of bestsellers follows the usual formula, showing the top 20 games released in the month by how much revenue they generated in the first two weeks after release. The list has the usual suspects, from anticipated PC ports like Octopath Traveler to big name indies like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and My Friend Pedro.

Then there’s Koikatsu Party (as noted by Polygon). Billed as the “ultimate anime character maker,” it gives you a wide variety of options to build an anime girl – from clothing and hair to personality and, of course, body type. In the interest of taste, I’ll just directly quote the store page for what happens after that: “Use simple mouse controls to touch, pull, lick, finger, and pump to your heart’s content. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s fun, and oh my is it satisfying!”

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