Diablo 2 fans have been finding ways to keep the classic ARPG alive long after Blizzard has moved onto other games. Some projects show off what Diablo 2 in 4K looks like, while others teleport the game somewhere else like Grim Dawn. This Diablo 2 mod, however, is being designed around the idea of what the old PC game would look like if development never stopped.

“We’re improving quality of life, making skills that were mechanically limited by the design of the times more viable, and improving a lot of dated design concepts that were just a result of the early days of game development,” the Project Diablo 2 lead tells us. “It’s essentially about applying 20 years of RPG knowledge and backdating it to Diablo 2 so that we can pretend the game has been patched that long.”

Project lead SenpaiSomething goes on to explain the design philosophy means creating more builds, items, endgame content, and giving players reasons to group up by adding new maps – which he notes are similar to a Path of Exile system. He also says that the Diablo 2 mod will feature new dungeons for groups that want more team play. These dungeons are optional side-content that requires support and tank builds, which he says is a foreign concept to most ARPGS.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/diablo-ii/mod-remaster