As you play through Devil May Cry 5, you’ll occasionally catch glimpses of other players who are playing as another character in the story and at a different point in the overall game’s sequence. The story has you flipping between the game’s three main characters, but with one exception, they’re mostly off doing their own thing. This mod lets you bring them all together for the majority of the game.

Coop Trainer for Devil May Cry 5 by Rasierer is a mod that lets you play in co-op for most story missions in Devil May Cry, and in any stage of The Bloody Palace from 0-100. Slash, stomp, impale, and devour demon hordes alongside your best friends – what could be better than that?

The mod contains a few extra tools to make all this possible. There’s a new floating pause menu, which keeps the game from pausing so as to prevent disconnections while playing in co-op. A Bloody Palace Continue function is added in, so you can start that mode from any stage. An auto-reconnect hack changes the disconnection timeout so you begin reconnecting as soon as a connection to another player fails. Plus, it adds a couple new graphics options in.

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