Total War Saga: Troy doesn’t have official mod support yet – that’ll likely be coming later this month – but don’t let that stop you from doing a bit of tweaking around the edges. We’ve found a handy camera mod that lets you zoom right in on those luscious Greek battles featured in Troy, along with a few others that ‘adjust’ a couple of the game’s mechanics, depending on your taste.

CathayZero has created a suite of mods for Total War Saga: Troy, and the one everyone will want to download right away is the battle camera mod. It’s one that comes out for just about every Total War title now, and it removes the default limits on the zoom levels when you’re fighting the strategy game’s real-time tactical battles.

Using the mod, you can get right up close to the hand-to-hand fighting at the gates of Corinth, for example, or see how tall those big Cyclops units stand when they’re lined up next to some hapless levy spearmen. The battle camera mod is one of the must-haves for most Total War players, even if they don’t usually engage in any of the more game-altering modding out there.

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