League of Legends has 148 champions – and it seems nearly every single one of them is viable for pro play. 140 champs have already been chosen on League’s varied esports stages in 2020, and we’re just a month-and-a-half into the year. While, broadly, that means that balance is in a good place, the obvious question remains: who are the eight who didn’t make it?

They are Amumu, Janna, Rammus, Teemo, Udyr, Vi, Volibear, and Wukong, as stats from Leaguepedia (noted by Reddit) show – none of them have been chosen for the major and regional leagues or academy competitions that the site catalogs. Most of those had been chosen late in 2018, at least, except for poor Udyr. If nobody picks Udyr soon, February 28 will mark one year since the champ was even entered in competitive play.

Hope’s not lost for all those champs, though – Neeko, for example, was on the list just a few days ago, but was rescued by a recent pick. Other champs are in line for major improvements, and we know both a Volibear rework and a Wukong rework are on the way.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/league-of-legends/worst-champions