The Rainbow Six Siege technical test server is a wonderful thing for the developers, offering a way to get upcoming changes into the hands of players before they hit the proper game. But while it occasionally offers a chance for players to preview major seasonal like Phantom Sight early, there’s not much reward for sticking around the TTS.

That’s changed with the latest test server, but the reward here isn’t especially exciting – it’s just a simple charm with the Rainbow Six logo. If you want it, you’ll have accrue two hours worth of TTS match time between now and July 3. Eligible players will get their charm sometime after this TTS closes, “around or before July 8.”

It’s not the best incentive, but at least it’s a reason to get people in the door when the new content isn’t on display. This TTS is an important one, too, since it directly addresses the deployable shield exploit that has kept Clash out of action for ages now.

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