The Rust devs are making underwater labs more worthwhile

Rust’s August update added a whole lot of fresh underwater content, and the September update is here mostly to make that stuff better. Underwater labs are getting a major revamp to make them more worth visiting, submarines are getting nerfed, and we’re getting fishing shops. Here’s what you can expect.

The map labs count has been cut in half to three, but each lab you find will be larger. As the devs say in the announcement, “you will no longer find underwater labs that are only a couple of rooms in size, so they should all be worth a visit”. Red and blue keycards will no longer spawn, and loot crates will no longer spawn when people are close by. You’ll also find human-sized moonpools now.

We’ve talked about the submarine nerfs before, but surface torpedoes have been removed, and submarines are now forced to surface for air every ten minutes. You can still shoot at surface targets, but you’ll have to surface yourself to do so. Both types of submarines now have 12-slot storage.

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