While many smartphones today are water resistant, few are properly rugged – certainly not in the way that the Doogee S68 Pro is. The phone is launching today and since it’s a holiday (11.11 aka Singles’ Day), the phone costs $200 right now (and will be $220 tomorrow).

The sides of the phone are made of titanium-aluminum alloy and its corners have rubber shock absorbers. The alloy chassis extends behind the screen, giving it support in the event of a drop.

And get this – Doogee used two layers of Gorilla Glass 4 to make the display even more resilient. The display itself features a…

Original source: https://www.gsmarena.com/the_rugged_doogee_s68_pro_has_two_panes_of_gg4_over_its_screen_three_cameras_on_its_back-news-40045.php