It’s no fun watching a streamer that’s completely obscured by their dedicated microphone poking into view, just as it’s no picnic being prodded in the face by it either – yet many options out there can be just as cumbersome as the last. These are the things we do for quality, but what if they could just be a little smaller?

Answering this question at RazerCon 2020, Razer has debuted its smallest USB-powered microphone to-date with the Razer Seiren Mini. It weighs less than a pound and stands at a tiny 6.42 inches tall, without sacrificing the quality found in its bigger brothers.

Even with its compact form factor, the Razer Seiren Mini packs a supercardioid pickup pattern that reduces the amount of unwanted background noise, a 14mm condenser capsule for that radio-like sound, and a built-in shock mount to minimise the number of bangs the microphone picks up from your desk – perfect if you’re a heavy typer, although we can’t say how mechanical keyboards will sound without a hands-on.

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