What you need to know

  • New apps on the Mac App Store have declined 12% in the last year.
  • The number of new apps per month currently sits at around 343.
  • The iOS App Store, in comparison, launches around 40,000 new apps per month.

The iPhone and iPad are still the place to be.

The Mac App Store still isn’t feeling the love like the App Store for the iPhone and iPad do.

New data collected by Appfigures found that not only is the number of new apps on the Mac App Store very low in comparison to the App Store for iOS, the rate of new apps coming onto the store continues to decline.

According to the report, 392 new apps were released per month on the Mac App Store in 2020. In comparison, over 40,000 new apps were released on the App Store per month. In 2021, the average amount of new apps per month on the Mac App Store dropped to 343, a 12% decrease.

In 2020, developers released, on average, 392 new apps to the Mac App Store every month. The actual figures range between the low 300s and low 400s, so the average is a fair estimate.

For context, there App Store saw 40,000 new apps on average every month in 2020. That’s 100x more.

But our story continues because so far in 2021, the average number of new Mac apps has dropped to 343, with the variance growing drastically and the low end dropping into the low 200s.

Apple has been attempting to boost the excitement around the Mac App Store lately. Most notably, the company announced that Apple silicon-based Macs, like the M1, would be able to run iPhone and iPad apps if developers did a little bit of work to bring them over.

That plan has resulting in some apps coming over from iPhone and iPad. For example, Twitter brought its social media app to the Mac. However, other big names like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok haven’t.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/new-report-notes-mac-app-store-apps-still-pale-comparison-ios