The proper Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer reveal is finally upon us, and between the trailers, hands-on impressions, and gameplay streams, the developers have also announced details on the game’s open beta. As we’ve come to expect, there’ll be a substantial period of PlayStation exclusivity, but it’s coming to PC, too – complete with cross-play enabled.

The beta begins on September 12 for PS4 players who’ve pre-ordered, then opens up for all PS4 users on September 14. Pre-order access for PC and Xbox One users starts on September 19, then the full open beta is available for everyone starting September 21. Once all three platforms are in, cross-play will be available until the beta closes on September 23.

Infinity Ward has been discussing cross-play since the game’s reveal a few months ago, but we never got confirmation about whether it would be available for launch. We still technically don’t have confirmation that it’ll be in the full game on day one, but the beta certainly suggests the developers are confident in the future.

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