Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel Metro 2033 has had a rough road to travel on its way to becoming a film, but a group of Russian companies has announced that it plans on producing a movie based on the book and plans to have it done by 2022.

TNT-Premier Studios Company, TV-3 Channel, and Central Partnership Film Company are producing the Metro 2033 film. The three companies are all part of Gazprom Media, Russia’s largest media company, Variety reports. Filming is scheduled to begin next year.

This version of Metro 2033 will naturally be in Russian. An English-language version had been optioned by MGM Studios in 2012, but it was ultimately cancelled last December after the producers tried to swap the book’s Moscow setting with Washington, D.C.

At the time, Glukhovsky remarked that moving the action the America was completely at odds with the novel’s themes, which include a war in the Metro between Nazi and Communist factions, as well as influence from mysterious beings known as “the Dark Ones.”

“They’re afraid of setting it in Moscow because Americans have a reputation for liking stories about America,” Glukhovsky said to VG24/7.

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