LG just unveiled the G8X ThinQ smartphone, a follow-up if not a direct replacement for the G8. To go with it, there’s a new DualScreen accessory case/extra display – who needs folding phones when you can leave half of it at home.

The G8X comes with a larger display than the G8, matching the V50’s 6.4-inch diagonal. It’s lower-res than either of the current models, however, at 2340x1080px as opposed to their 3040x1040px. Perhaps it has something to do with market segmentation in its home country – the G8X will be known as the V50S in South Korea.

The G8X still uses an OLED panel,…

Original source: https://www.gsmarena.com/the_lg_g8x_thinq_brings_32mp_selfie_cam_updated_dualscreen-news-39058.php