Everyone knows that it’s important to protect yourself when using the internet. Malware and adware has exploded over the last 5 years, and though Apple is good at what it does, an added layer of antivirus protection is always advised. Having an antivirus on your Mac is like having insurance in case of problems, and can help you spot any suspicious activity running in background on your Mac such as unwanted connections, sensitive data theft, and so on.

The Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 contains everything you need to keep your Mac protected, secure, private, and clean. Keep adware, malware and other threats out of your Mac, prevent strangers and unknown applications from gaining access, back up your important files, find and delete duplicate files, clean and organize your Mac, reclaim valuable disk space, and provide your family with safe, appropriate internet access. It’s the ultimate combination of protection, security, and peace of mind.

The Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 contains five useful apps. Combined, they provide everything you need to keep your Mac running as smoothly as the day you bought it.

VirusBarrier: Automatic scans and around-the-clock protection

Intego VirusBarrier X9 scans files whenever they’re accessed and automatically checks for the latest updates to make sure you’re protected against the newest Mac threats as well as any Windows threats. The real-time and on-demand scanners allow you to block suspicious applications from launching. They can also disinfect a Mac that has already been breached.

NetBarrier: provides automatic protection while you’re on the go

Use Intego NetBarrier X9 to switch to the best level of protection no matter where you are. NetBarrier will prevent strangers from accessing your Mac’s contents in unsecure setting. The simple and intuitive interface provides a two-way firewall which analyzes incoming and outgoing internet connections to root out spyware.

Washing Machine: cleans out stored information quickly and efficiently

Use Mac Washing Machine X9 to speed up your Mac by reclaiming space on your startup drive. Mac Washing Machine removes unneeded files, frees up hard disk space to speed up the operating system, organizes the Dock and Desktop, and lets you create Smart Folders for quick access to frequently-used files.

ContentBarrier: Provides a safe surfing environment for family members

Use Intego ContentBarrier X9 to block out objectionable categories of websites. You can also set up a specific list of websites that get the parental thumbs up so your kids can access them without accidentally running into a filter. It also blocks inappropriate emails, connections to game servers, streaming music and video, peer-to-peer activity (e.g., BitTorrent) and you can get emailed activity reports. These reports show websites that were blocked, blocked chats via AntiPredator or keyword triggering, and attempts to access encrypted sites.

Personal Backup: Backs up essential files and schedules automatic backups

Intego Personal Backup makes copies of your files for quick and easy recovery from unfortunate incidents like theft, data corruption, or natural disasters. It can run manual backups or create an automated schedule. Choose to back up to many different types of media such as network drives (including both local and remote drives using FTP), or disk images for easy portability. You can also create bootable backups to easily rebuild your Mac in case of failure or other problems. Synchronize backups to keep two locations in perfect harmony, with flexible configuration options for handling conflicts (e.g. when files have changed on each side of the synchronization operation).

About Intego

Intego is a security software publisher that has specialized in macOS protection for more than 20 years. They are Mac experts using the most recent Apple technologies (not like other companies porting their Windows apps to macOS) and everything they offer has been optimized for the latest macOS platforms, including the recent macOS Catalina. Their award-winning products have protected over 1 million customers around the world.

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