Earlier this week, a Twitter account titled JacketIsNotDead – a reference to Hotline Miami’s protagonist – posted a live-action teaser video promising that a longer trailer was “coming soon.” Fans wondered if that meant a Hotline Miami 3 announcement was incoming, but it turns out this was all just a prank.

“This is a very cool fan film (or teaser for one maybe) but rest assured there is not another Hotline Miami game in development,” the series’ official account tweets. The original teaser that launched all this has since been deleted, but the JacketIsNotDead account has since detailed exactly what happened.

JacketIsNotDead says “This was a prank that went way, way, way further than I ever thought it would,” in a now-deleted tweet (via GamesRadar). In a more recent follow-up, the account confirms “there is NO Hotline Miami 3 announcement” and “there is NO Hotline Miami movie coming out.”

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/hotline-miami-3-teaser