The Honor V10 takes on the OnePlus 5T with AI smarts and flagship design

Honor has formally announced the Honor V10, its AI-injected smartphone that’s set to attack at a price point comparable to the OnePlus 5T. Like many of 2017’s most memorable devices, this one, too, does away with bezels, and tacks two cameras on its back instead of one.

Billed as “your first AI phone”, the V10 employs an NPU (neural processing unit), which in addition to the usual combo of processor and graphics processing unit (GPU), can greatly increase the speed of image-based computation. The sky’s the limit, but at launch, we’re seeing it put to use in discerning between different types of photo subjects, as well as quickly translating written text up to 300% faster than other phones without a dedicated NPU.

The V10 comes stocked with the latest Huawei-made internal components, including the Kirin 970 chipset, which brings the Mali G72 GPU into the fold. At its upper-midrange price point, you’re getting a lot of hardware.

Honor is planning to release this phone before 2018’s halfway point, so stay tuned for updated details regarding its launch. But until then, we got our hands on the only V10 in the US. Here’s a deeper look into Honor’s latest.

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