We’re closing in on the end of the current year of Rainbow Six Siege, and you know what that means: it’s time to start picking apart the clues for Year 5. There’s a new one in the game’s recent mini battle pass, and it ties together a whole heap of clues going back multiple years in previous Siege updates. The short version: it’s a decent bet that the first Year 5 operator will be the Greek sniper, Kure Galanos.

The mini battle pass rewards mostly focus on Rainbow’s in-lore chief, Harry Pandey. The flavour text accompanying them (which you can see on the wiki) makes big allusions to the future of Rainbow. An extreme close-up of the Harry’s Project charm (via Reddit) reveals that it’s a plane ticket to Athens, Greece. Harry says “this is not a plane ticket. It’s an invitation for a front row seat to the future of Rainbow. I call it The Program. You may well call it home.”

Ubisoft was hinting at a Greek excursion for some time, in that giant blackboard image that provided so many hints about the shape of the Year 4 roadmap. One corner was dedicated to some major Rainbow project in Greece. It didn’t make much sense at the time, since it didn’t bear fruit in Year 4, but it looks like this was a super early tease of Siege’s next step.

Original source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/rainbow-six-siege/year-5-operators