Cube World is not vaporware – at least, not unless developer Picroma is about to pull the cruelest prank in gaming history. The studio recently announced that the game will officially hit Steam in September (yes, this year), and now players who were on board for the alpha have been given access to a beta version of the new release.

The Cube World beta began today at midnight Pacific time, designer Wolfram von Funck announced on Twitter, but it appears to only be available if you’ve already purchased access to the alpha version. Otherwise, you’re out of luck when it comes to actually playing – but this does mean that you’re likely to see a whole bunch of fresh Cube World action on YouTube.

Cube World launches in full on September 30, so it’s not like you have much longer to wait either way. There’s no word yet on price, but the Steam page is live, so you can add it to your wishlist and stare at a half-decade’s worth of screenshots.

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