The Callisto Protocol weapons – all weapon schematic locations

Kitting yourself out with a full arsenal of The Callisto Protocol weapons gives you some welcome variety during combat as you fight through Black Iron prison. While some are handed to you during the story, others take the form of weapon schematics, and their locations can be easily overlooked.

Thankfully, we’ve tracked the location of all The Callisto Protocol weapons so you can reach the Callisto Protocol final boss with all the firepower you need in one of the best horror games in 2022. Unfortunately, like health injectors and battery packs, weapon schematics take up an inventory slot – at least until you get to a reforger that can print it. At this point, the receiver appears in your arsenal rather than your items. It’s also worth mentioning that the reforger won’t do it for free, so remember to save up enough credits to print them.

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