You could be playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare right now. That’s because the open beta has expanded to players across all platforms and regardless of whether they’ve pre-ordered the game.

The Modern Warfare open beta began for PC last night at 18:00 EDT/23:00 BST, and since then PC players have been able to download and play the selection of maps and modes available in the beta. I gave it a bit of a go myself last night, and came away feeling impressed. It feels very much like a modern Call of Duty game, but the Modern Warfare setting gives it a certain freshness.

To get in on the beta, you’ll need a account, and your first step will be downloading and installing the app. Once that’s in place, you can fire it up and navigate to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tab on the left-hand side of the launcher. You’ll see a big button labelled “install,” which you’ll want to click.

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