The best Rimworld mods

What are the best Rimworld mods? Rimworld is a colony management game with a very simple premise – you must ensure the survival of a ragtag bunch of colonists, each with their own randomly generated skills, backstories, and idiosyncrasies. Depending on the AI storyteller settings, your experience might fall anywhere between ‘wholesome farming sim’ and ‘relentless cascade of disaster’.

There are plenty of Rimworld mods out there to add extras and quality of life tweaks to your playthroughs. Some of them are basic improvements that let you organise your colony better or become more efficient, some add brand new mechanics like hygiene and children, and there are a few that completely transform the game by adding magic or space exploration.

We recommend trying the mod-free experience first, and gradually adding mods once you’ve tucked a couple of vanilla Rimworld colonies under your belt, and moved on emotionally from the harrowing tales that have emerged from your adventures. Like that time one of your ailing colonists passed away and your doctor immediately fed their corpse to the other patient, or when everyone got food poisoning on a cross country road trip and the only upright colonist, who had sworn never to do violence, was mauled to death by a mad squirrel.

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