Your Fitbit Charge 3 is an incredibly efficient and reliable wearable that tracks everything from your sleep to your steps to your workouts and your menstrual cycle, so for such a versatile piece of tech, you’ll need a couple of different bands depending on the occasion. There are bands that are available to dress up your outfit for a night out, keep you comfortable while you’re sweating at the gym, have you looking like a professional in the office, and everything in between. Here are the best of the best bands for your Fitbit Charge 3.

Best for Most

QIBOX Silicone Sports Band

Staff Favorite

The QIBOX Silicone Sports Band is a comfortable and reliable band replacement for your Fitbit Charge 3. It is designed to be both breathable and durable for day-to-day wear, and it comes in a wide variety of bright and colorful color combinations.

From $7 at Amazon

Luxury Leather

Maledan Genuine Leather Band

The Maledan Genuine Leather Band is a soft, stylish, and super secure Fitbit Charge 3 band. A stainless steel buckle keeps the band secured on your wrist and can be easily adjusted to fit a number of wrist sizes. It comes in eight different color choices.

From $10 at Amazon

Fitness Pick

Fintie Soft Nylon Sport Band

The Fintie Soft Nylon Sport Band is ideal for people who love to work up a sweat while still looking sleek. It’s a breathable, simple band for easy 1-handed adjustments and is super simple to install. It comes in black, blue, pink sand, and seashell colors.

$9 at Amazon


Tobfit Sport Band Replacement

The Tobfit Sport Band Replacement is a flexible, comfortable Fitbit Charge 3 band that’s both water resistant and ideal for lengthy workouts. It’s an incredibly affordable band and it comes in a variety of different colors. It comes in packs of two, four, or seven.

From $4 at Amazon


Marval Power Handmade Leather Strap

The Marval Power Handmade Leather Strap is a band that looks more like a piece of hip, modern jewelry than a standard Fitbit Charge 3 band. It’s made from a durable genuine leather and comes with 4 adjustable snaps for a variety of different wrist sizes.

$19 at Amazon


JOMOQ Milanese Metal Wristband

The JOMOQ Milanese Metal Wristband is a band that has a bit more of a professional look and feel. It’s easy to attach the strap around your wrist and comes in 16 different color options. If anything goes wrong with it an 18-month warranty has you covered.

From $13 at Amazon


somoder Flower Cuff

The somoder Flower Cuff is a beautiful, striking Fitbit Charge 3 band replacement that looks like a piece of designer jewelry. It’s made out of stainless steel and comes in rose gold, black, and silver color options with a detailed rose on each side of the band.

From $16 at Amazon


X4-Tech Silicone Sport Replacement Band

The X4-Tech Silicone Sport Replacement Band is a great option for people who want to build up a sweat. It’s a comfortable band with perforated holes that allow your skin to breath during your workout. It comes in 12 bright, eye-catching color options.

From $7 at Amazon


Allbingo Stylish Soft Strap

The Allbingo Stylish Soft Strap is a reliable and flexible band that comes in 8 incredibly vibrant patterns like sugar skulls, cheetah print, pawprints, floral, and more. It can easily be adjusted to fit a variety of wrist sizes and if anything goes wrong, an 18-month warranty’s got your back.

From $6 at Amazon

Find the perfect fit for you and your Fitbit Charge 3

You and your Fitbit Charge 3 deserve a radical selection of awesome band replacements that’ll suit you no matter what your day-to-day tasks throw at you. We love the QIBOX Silicone Sports Band because of its comfortable wear, bright color selection, and reasonable price tag, making it a great option to consider for your wrist.

If you want a band that’s a bit more glitzy and glamorous, the somoder Flower Cuff is absolutely worth peeking at. The intricate detail of the rose makes it look like a piece of expensive jewelry, and if anything goes wrong with the band, a 12-month warranty has you covered.

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