The “anti-RPG” that inspired Undertale is now on Steam

There are a lot of very strange games for the original PlayStation, and many of them never came out in English. That was the case with moon: Remix RPG Adventure, an “anti-RPG” whose unique mechanics and empathetic storytelling made it a cult classic, and inspired some of the most notable entries in the world of indie games. moon got an overdue official translation on Switch last year, and now it’s available on Steam.

You can grab moon: Remix RPG Adventure at a 10% launch discount on Steam, bringing the price down to $17.09 / £13.04 / €14.39. (It’s also just launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.) The devs have also made an English-translated manual available, and if you’ve any intention of making it through moon, you’re gonna need the help.

moon is still a bizarre, obtuse little game that’s unique even today. You play as a videogame-loving kid sucked into the world of a traditional RPG. But once you’re there, you find that the world’s been ravaged by a so-called ‘hero’, who’s been running around murdering innocent creatures and rifling through everyone’s houses for spare change.

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