Around a month ago we reported on a new AI called Minerva, which was built by Google and FACEIT to root out and ban players spreading toxicity in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s already been in use since August, and by October it had already issued 90,000 warnings and 20,000 bans to players it had perceived as toxic or spam.

The problem with this system is that it was all done by the AI without any manual intervention from human moderators, and players took offence at this – sometimes a chat can only seem toxic if unaware of the context, and may just be a case of friendly griefing, for example.

Fortunately, the Minerva AI is getting an upgrade called ‘Justice’. This was teased by FACEIT on Twitter last month, but no one knew exactly what Justice was. According to a presentation by FACEIT Niccolo Maisto, Justice is a community-run add-on for Minerva that will teach it on how to do its job better – all through machine learning.

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