Testing an AmpliFi mesh point as a Wi-Fi extender

When mesh router systems started appearing last year, I purchased a Ubiquiti AmpliFi system for someone whose house was a worst case Wi-Fi scenario. The internet entered the home in the basement on the south side of the house, while the bedrooms are on the second floor in the north side.

I liked the AmpliFi line, sight unseen, because unlike most other mesh systems, it did not require you to register with Ubiquiti and it did not phone home with who knows what data about your network. Still, in October of last year, I griped that the AmpliFi mesh system lacked remote control. This is no longer true. 

Last November, in “Getting started with the Ubiquiti AmpliFi mesh router,” I wrote that there were three AmpliFi models. This, too, is no longer true. The AmpliFi offerings have drastically changed. 

The initial three models were all threesomes; a cube-shaped router and two candlestick-shaped mesh points (smart antennas). As described by Ars Technica last year, the models were the Standard ($200), LR ($300) and HD ($350). 

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