It appears that Tidal is first in line, however.

What you need to know

  • Apple Music may finally come to Tesla.
  • The Holiday Software Update for the car points to the integration.

Reported by Tesla North, it appears that Apple Music will come to Tesla at some point, however, it is unclear when exactly that will be. In a post detailing the upcoming support for the Tidal streaming music service, it has also been revealed that the company is working on an Apple Music integration as well.

While another music streaming service is always welcome, many Tesla owners are still waiting for native Apple Music integration.

Update: @greentheonly says Tesla has been “working” on Apple Music “for quite some time,” but says Tidal looks to be next.

Hacker @greentheonly replied to someone’s question if Tesla will support Apple Music saying that the company has been working on the integration “for quite some time” but that it appears that Tidal support will come first based on it beginning to populate in the UI.

they’s been working on it for quite some time. it’s a bit of a stub now so who knows when it actually comes, the tidal is the next one I think because it actually started to get things populated.

Many Apple users have wanted Tesla to support CarPlay for a long time now. Currently, you have to use other services like Spotify and the company’s own built-in maps service rather than Apple Maps, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Music. Tesla’s integration with Apple Music could look similar to other car companies like Porsche, who have integarted Apple Music directly rather than supporting CarPlay.

While the report only alludes to the software supporting Apple Music, we can all continue to hope that Tesla will eventually support CarPlay in its entirety.

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