Annapurna Interactive has announced it will publish new Irish visual novel If Found… in 2020.

Created by dreamfeel, a small independent studio based in Dublin, If Found… is described as a “compelling and intense exploration of family, community, connection, and isolation” The story will follow Kasio, a young woman living in the west of Ireland, as she relives memories and stories from her diary while she destroys it one New Year’s Eve.

There will be tales typical to any childhood of the early nineties – hanging out with bands, going to punk shows and moving house. But other parts will be more abstract, such as Kasio destroying the universe, that will delve into Kasio’s psyche as she tries to make sense of who seh is and what she wants. A number of collaborators worked on the project, including Liadh Young, who supplied hand-drawn art, and 2mello and Eli Rainsberry, who provided some of the soundtrack in addition to licensed music tracks by Irish artists.

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