Algorithm packages are coming to Swift.

What you need to know

  • Swift has announced Swift Algorithms.
  • The announcement was made in a blog post on the website.
  • The algorithms should help developers fix code and improve app performance faster.

Announced on Twitter on Wednesday night, Swift, Apple’s open-source programming language, is bringing new algorithm packages to developers. The announcement was made through the Swift Language account:

The new open source Swift Algorithms package was just released, and ready for the community to jump in!

In a blog post on the Swift website, Nate Cook, a member of the Swift standard library team at Apple, says that the team hopes developers will adopt the new algorithms to help assist in correcting their code.

“I’m excited to announce Swift Algorithms, a new open-source package of sequence and collection algorithms, along with their related types.

Algorithms are powerful tools for thought because they encapsulate difficult-to-read and error-prone raw loops. The Algorithms package includes a host of powerful, generic algorithms frequently found in other popular programming languages. We hope this new package will help people embrace algorithms, improving the correctness and performance of their code.”

Developers can check out Swift Algorithms on the Swift website.

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