Super powers, super fun, Super People

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a super soldier soaring above you, ready to pour hard lead down on your head. Seeing the success of the battle royale format, South Korean developer Wonder People proudly presents their own take on the genre – a game that incorporates realistic weapons and arms, immersive superpowers, and an RPG-influenced crafting system.

A big emphasis is placed on exploration in Super People. Naturally, you’ll need to loot the environment for weapons and gear, but the diverse setting of Orb Island makes this process far more rewarding than in similar games. There are no barren post-apocalyptic landscapes here. While looting, you can admire the beautiful cherry blossoms in Hazleton, marvel at the Sanctuary’s stained glass windows, or drink in Triville’s modernist architecture. Even the standard houses are full of detail, from your average suburban home to a fully-decked-out fast-food joint.

The unique environment is made all the more immersive due to the game’s high graphical fidelity and unique design. Cutting edge technologies such as ray-tracing are being implemented in Super People to make its graphics stand above competitors in the genre.

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