BlizzCon is fully underway, and while we’re now neck deep in massive game announcements, there’s still the lingering distaste of Blizzard’s decision to suspend Hearthstone pro Blitzchung for his vocal support of protestors in Hong Kong. Now, BlizzCon faces its own protests, and one conflicted Blizzard fan has created a custom Hearthstone deck to support the public opposition.

HarshTone: Every Voice Battered was made by Kirstin Adams-Bimson, and the Hong Kong deck features an array of custom cards like Recruit, which lets you “summon a 1/1 Protestor,” or De-Arrest, which lets you “give a minion immunity.” The cards highlight the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong, but they also function as a fully playable set of Hearthstone cards – on a real tabletop, at least. You can print out a set online.

“For me, this protest feels personal,” Adams-Bimson tells The Loadout. “Blizzard games have played a very large part in my life, and helped me get through a very difficult period in my young adulthood. I’ve always liked the company, and admired their ‘by gamers, for gamers’ approach. Over the years though, I’ve become increasingly concerned with the direction of the company.”

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