There are a lot of perks in being one of the most popular gaming streamers on Twitch, but it also has its downside too. Probably the biggest problem with playing an online game live on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer or wherever is that literally everyone can easily find where you are at any time – a practice called stream sniping, where other players in the game with the streamer cheat and find out where they are by watching their stream.

It’s a practice that gets more common the more popular you are, and streamer Summit1g – otherwise known as Jaryd Lazar, which is actually a better name than his online handle – is very popular, with almost four million followers on his Twitch channel.

Consequently Summit1g has suffered more than his fair share of stream snipers, and has had enough. In a recent broadcast of GTA RP – the GTA Online role-playing server – Summit1g found himself again at the mercy of stream sniping, and broke character to rant about the practice and the people doing it.

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