Steam’s regional pricing system typically offers games for cheaper prices in areas with poorer economies. Some users have taken advantage of that fact and used VPNs to hide their locations and purchase games at an often-substantial discount. Valve already has numerous restrictions in place to stop that practice, and it seems the store has now added another.

Now, you need to complete a purchase with a payment method from the country you’re claiming to be from before Steam will approve a switch to your store region. As SteamDB notes on Twitter, this stricter rule should make it more difficult for those using VPNs in an effort to take advantage of regional pricing.

Earlier this month, there was a bit of kerfuffle around Horizon Zero Dawn’s Steam price, which got a sudden increase in regions outside the US. Neither Valve nor Sony have confirmed why, but many observers speculated that this was due to players making use of VPN trickery to get a discount.

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