After setting numerous records for concurrent players through-out last year, Steam has begun 2021 with another milestone. For the first time in the store’s history, 25 million users were active at once.

As per SteamDB, the latest all-time peak of 25,333,066 was clocked just over an hour ago, at time of writing. This topples the previous count of 24,776,635, set only a couple of weeks ago. Obviously, everyone’s been playing a lot of videogames over the holiday period. The concurrent user count has been edging ever higher since lockdowns became widespread in March and April, outdoing the record over and over for several weeks.

Among the games contributing to this, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive remains top of the pile, hosting over a million players on its own. Dota 2 and PUBG are doing their part too, the MOBA and battle royale game bringing in a combined million in their peaks today. Cyberpunk 2077’s hanging in there at over 200,000, having come down considerably from its record-breaking launch. Grand Theft Auto V and Rainbow Six Siege follow in the top ten, each boasting over 100,000.

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