The massive 1.4 update for Stardew Valley has launched, including a host of new features, tweaks, and fixes. The content had been in the works for months, and is one of the most substantial expansions the game has yet received.

Writing on his developer blog, Stardew Valley creator, and sole full-time developer, Eric Barone, explained some of the larger additions while providing a complete changelog for anyone looking to go more in-depth.

“This update not only adds new content and features to the game, but improves the gameplay experience significantly with tons of ‘quality of life’ features, including some things the community has requested for a long time,” Barone writes. “There’s also an enormous amount of bug fixes and some optimizations improvements – in short, the game is more polished than ever. I hope this update will greatly improve your Stardew Valley experience, and make your time in the valley even more joyful, seamless, and fun.”

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