Valve’s work on a Half-Life VR title has been a topic of frequent reports, rumours, and speculation over the past year, though the company has been predictably tight-lipped about that potential Half-Life prequel. This week, Valve released an update to its VR title, The Lab, which appears to contain the source code to prototype for Half-Life in VR.

Datamined code from the update reveals a project called ‘Codename: Shooter,’ as Tyler McVicker details in a Valve News Network video. It appears to be a wave-based shooter set in a holographic version of City 17, where players would be challenged to take down Half-Life enemies like Striders and Combine soldiers while being teleported between various set piece locations and solving occasional puzzles to progress.

The code only contains references to a handful of levels, and given its seemingly random appearance in an unrelated game update, it’s likely that Valve has long since moved past the little bits that we’re seeing here.

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