Until now, we haven’t really known how successful Sony’s VR headset has been. The device launched as a cheaper mid-grade option between top-tier desktop computer systems like Oculus VR ($400) or HTC Vive ($600) and far cheaper smartphone-based units like Google’s Daydream or Samsung’s Gear VR. Instead, PSVR relies on the PS4 and more powerful PS4 Plus, and Sony’s headset broke 1 million units sold last June.

According to analysts, the PSVR took almost 50 percent of the million VR units sold in Q3 2017, beating out the Oculus Rift’s 21 percent share and HTC Vive’s 16 percent cut. Today’s PSVR news means it’s continued to move a not-insignificant number of units for a $350-plus-additions device. But it’s still leading a niche market. As we pointed out on the PSVR’s one-year anniversary, it has sold almost 10 million games for its system but has yet to release a killer must-have game to bring more than a fraction of the tens of millions of PS4 owners into the fold.

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