What you need to know

  • Sony is trying to make wearable air conditioners a thing.
  • It is crowdfunding a project called Reon Pocket that will keep you cool on a hot summer day.
  • People in Japan can sign up for the project for $117 and it’ll launch in March 2020.

It will slip into a special t-shirt and keep you cool.

It’s been one of the hottest summers in history and it would be much more bearable if you only had a wearable air conditioner to keep you cool. Well, that pipe dream is almost a reality as Sony is trying to crowdfund one, per SlashGear.

Called the Reon Pocket, it slips into a special shirt and uses electrical currents to eliminate heat. According to Sony, the device is capable of cooling you 13 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) or warming you up by 8 dress Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit). Users will be able to control the gadget through the companion app.

Additionally, it has battery that can last you a pathetic two hours though you can charge through a USB-C port. Good on Sony to include the port of the future in its futuristic gadget, but it would have been nice to have a better battery as well.

The Reon Pocket is currently starting at ¥12,760, which is about $117. If you want to get in early on this wearable air conditioner, now is that time to get in on it.

Sony says the Reon Pocket won’t ship until March 2020 and unfortunately it will only be available in Japan.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/sony-using-crowdfunding-create-wearable-air-conditioner-called-reon-pocket