The introductory sequence to South Park is meant to be a way to meet all the show’s various characters, right? Well, someone has gone and replaced them all with Siege operators. Yes, here is the South Park intro, but everyone is from Siege.

The video is jam-packed with Siege references and memes. The four original stars: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman, have Siege operator stand-ins. Kyle, for instance, is replaced with Ash (in an FBI cap), while Thermite stands in for Stan.

Here’s where you get upset. Eric Cartman, the shitty member of the bunch, is Tachanka. Excuse me, what?

That’s right, you heard me. In this video, Tachanka plays the role of Cartman, the horrible, out of shape kid who always winds up being a lesson to the others about how you need to not be like him. He’s bad, and he’s not good at anything. Tachanka is our lord and savior and… wait, okay, I think maybe this does make sense.

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