Robbery and battery.

The long-rumoured Switch Lite is taking Nintendo’s hybrid console concept, dumping the ‘hybrid’ bit and going full ‘PlayStation Vita’. Leaving aside the fact that you should never go full PlayStation Vita (can we expect Nintendo to swiftly pull all support, disown the console and leave it to third parties to fill it with saucy visual novels?), the announcement was met with enthusiasm from many, although it’s personally not for me and introduces enough caveats to dissuade me from an impulse purchase. The bezel’s a bit too thick, the colours too conservative, not to mention the fact that it doesn’t ‘Switch’ anymore.

Switch Lite simply sacrifices too much of what I love about the Switch. The current screen size feels perfect already, and while the console isn’t pocket-sized, you wouldn’t catch me throwing it in with my keys and loose change anyway. Add to that the fear that those analogue sticks may be no better than their Joy-Con counterparts and it’s an easy pass (unless that Game Boy livery became official – then I’d have to reevaluate). For now, the original SKU is still the one for me.

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