More Direct-to-you than ever before.

Last week was The Game Awards 2021, an event organised and hosted by Geoff Keighley that’s supposedly designed to bring together the entire industry for a general celebration of video games — and some awards, too (after all, it’s there in the name). Opinions will vary, of course, but perhaps for Nintendo fans more than others, it was a disappointing year which gave more weight than ever to the argument that the entire show is more advert than awards anyway.

The fact of the matter is that, while it’s frequently compared to the Oscars, the events are really nothing alike. You don’t watch the Oscars thinking you might catch the reveal of the next Marvel movie or Wes Anderson’s latest, do you? In the case of The Game Awards, the ‘awards’ are a ruse to attract everyone’s attention, companies and consumers alike; one of the factors that has enabled Keighley to make it such a big event — one that gives the outward appearance of the ‘Oscars of games’ — almost from inception back in 2014.

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