For all their sun-soaked natural beauty, SnowRunner’s big outdoor maps are a bit lonely – you don’t see other people, and there aren’t even any animals to be seen. At least, that’s what we thought until we started browsing the SnowRunner subreddit, where players say they’ve seen eyes looking back at them when they stare into the Alaskan woods at night.

Some screengrabs posted to r/SnowRunner seem to show the the shape of a wolf or wild dog, with two eyes reflecting the headlights from players’ big trucks. It’s at night, and the outline of the creature is difficult to make out, but it seems distinctly dog shaped.

The wolves or wild dogs apparently appear in Michigan and Alaska, and are only visible for a moment or two after you round a turn at night before they disappear into the impenetrable darkness of the treeline. But you’ll almost certainly see them, or at least the eerie green light reflecting off their retinas. While the days in SnowRunner are idyllic if muddy, nights can get downright creepy – especially if you haven’t added any upgrades to your truck’s lighting system.

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