Wear your heart on your sleeve and your spells on your chest.

When Harry Potter: Wizards Unite exploded onto the mobile gaming scene we here at Mobile Nations instantly fell in love with the fun gameplay and the teamwork needed to combat the Calamities — the in-game title for some big nasties. The major selling point of Wizards Unite is the feeling of being a part of the Potterverse as you cast spells, which you do here by tracing runes onto the screen. This is an immersive game mechanic that elevates the game over other mundane AR games.

Our in-house design team is now bringing that joy to you, dear reader. It’s developed some awesome merch for you to Accio! Featuring all the major spells in Wizards Unite — including the battle spells from the Fortresses! — emblazoned on the front, these limited edition shirts will not only look amazing but will help you get better at the spells!

Ok, it probably won’t make you better at the spells, but you will look brilliant playing Wizards Unite, and that’s all that matters.

Wizarding wearables

Wands at the Ready T-shirt

$27 at MoNa Apparel

Learn your spells

The team here love Wizards Unite as much as you and we wanted a way for us to show it. We’ve made these awesome tees for you to show off your wizarding pride.

The T-shirts are the main draw for us. We can wear them any time of the year and show other witches and wizards that we know spells without the Muggles finding out. There are plenty of different choices choose from, as well as nice color variations.

It’s not just Tees

We couldn’t let this cool design lounge away on just tees could we? We decided to add it to a few other fun merch items. You should especially check out the canvas print — it’s just so good.

Canvas Poster

$25 at MoNa Apparel

This might be one of my favorite things we’ve ever made. It’s an actual canvas print of the spells in Wizards Unite and it’s sure to remind you of the Marauder’s Map.

Wands at the Ready Hoodie

$40 at MoNa Apparel

Wrap up warm for those nights you are chasing Oddities or fighting in Fortresses with this cozy hoodie. It comes in some beautiful colors too.

Wands at the Ready Mug

$15 at MoNa Apparel

After a long day and night of finding Traces, battling Dementors, and destroying the Calamity, settle down for a nice cup of cocoa before heading to bed, safe in the knowledge that your spellcraft was Masterful.

Original source: https://www.imore.com/show-your-spells-limited-edition-harry-potter-shirt