ShockRods is one of those games that takes two great ideas and fuses them into one: In this case, it’s the high-speed R/C action of Rocket League crossed with the frantic violence of Quake III. Developer Stainless Games says it’s relying on player feedback to hone that fighting edge and make ShockRods the game its community truly desires.

Speaking to our sister site The Loadout, Stainless Games associate producer Sam Corser explained that it’s normal now for games to evolve over time, and that the studio is incorporating that into ShockRods’ development.

“We’re trying to get the game out into the hands of people and we want them to tell us where they feel the game should evolve,” he said. “The community is really powerful – they know what they like and what they want – and we want our games to be fun.”

Corser says the production team is thinking about ShockRods as an esport, at least internally. But the team believes that pushing the esports idea onto players would be a mistake.

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