The real trademark of the Shenmue series has always been its love of small, mundane activities and moments – the part-time jobs your character takes on, or the little objects discovered in hidden-away nooks and crannies. In this new trailer, Shenmue 3 writer-director Yu Suzuki explains how the team has added more of all this to the latest game, all in order to serve its broader theme of ‘connection.’

If you don’t speak Japnese, be sure to flip on YouTube’s closed captions in the video below. Suzuki briefly highlights a few of the activities and ‘extra features’ you’ll find in Shenmue 3. Everyday tasks and chores, the kind you’d do in real life, aren’t present in most role-playing games and Suzuki says “I felt it was sort of weird that you can’t do these things.”

That extends to making environments more lifelike, even when it means making things that aren’t for any specific purpose. There are tons more drawers to open and rummage through, for instance, and in them you’ll find more books, spices, pots, plates, and other mundane objects that make up the geography of a normal life.

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