The World of Warcraft Shadowlands release date is nearly upon us, and the CGI warlocks at Blizzard have blessed us with a launch trailer. The new Shadowlands cinematic is a whirlwind trip through Shadowlands’ new zones, and provides a taste of the contrasts we’ll face when we head beyond the veil in the MMO game.

“Every soul has its place” in the Shadowlands, as a bit of voiceover explains as the cinematic begins. We’re treated to a view of the floating, golden structures of Bastion, protected by the angelic kyrian. We see the massive Dream Trees of the Ardenweald, the floating ziggurats of the heavy-metal Maldraxxus, and the haunted gothic spires of Revendreth.

Here, we’re treated to a pleasant moment with Sire Denathrius, who selects one of three chained souls to hurl from atop his tower and into a swirling abyss of darkness far below. Somewhere far below, a powerful-looking figure kneels, chained to an altar. “Beyond the veil lies darkness… where every soul has its place,” a new, much more insidious voice intones.

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