Chapter 9 in Serious Sam 4 is called Breakfast in France, and it’s set in the idyllic countryside near Carcassonne. That countryside is a little less idyllic now, thanks to a new patch that adds a bunch more monsters to the formerly peaceful hillsides.

Update 1.04 for Serious Sam 4 includes several major changes requested by the player community, including the ability to save your loadouts between levels in co-op matches. That hadn’t been the case before, but it’s been changed “by popular demand, and totally not because we messed up,” developer Croteam writes in the patch notes. Another nice new feature: you can now bind the weapon wheel and last weapon commands to the same button. Holding the button down will pull up the wheel, while tapping it will flip back to the last weapon you were using.

Of course, now there are lots more guys to shoot in Chapter 9. “The vast emptiness of the France level has been filled up”, Croteam writes. “Find the filling, and kill it. Let us know how you did.”

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