Sea of Thieves: Crews of Rage is the next big update for Rare’s entry in the pirate games canon (or cannon), and while the studio plans to reveal most of the new content next week, the devs have offered an early look at the quality of life features coming in the patch. Most notable of all, Rare is finally adding an option to change your pirate’s appearance – for a price.

Once the update hits on February 19, you’ll be able to purchase a Pirate Appearance Potion from the in-game shop. Log out and back in again, and you’ll be taken back to the character creation screen to reset your pirate’s appearance while keeping all your progress and unlocks. Previously, you could only get access to character creation by wiping your account entirely. The video shows a price of 149 Ancient Coins for the potion – or about $2 USD.

Crews of Rage will also introduce the new Chest of Rage. This cursed treasure heats up over time, and unless you keep it cooled off with water, it’ll eventually shoot out a wave of fire that’ll set anything nearby ablaze. You can also use it as a weapon, and accelerate its periodic explosions by shooting at it. If you try to keep it cool with a layer of water in your hold, it’ll eventually turn that pool boiling hot.

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