So when Apple announced their new 16-inch MacBook Pro, there were several changes and improvements made to the laptop, but one of the items on the wishlist of many that did not make an appearance is an SD card slot. This is odd given that this is a laptop aimed at professionals, like professional photographers, who could greatly benefit from an SD card slot.

If you thought that this could make a return in future MacBooks, along with older ports, you might be disappointed to learn that this will probably never happen. During an interview with YouTuber Jonathan Morris, Apple exec Phil Schiller said that there is a chance that the SD card slot or legacy USB-A ports might not return.

“Probably not, again nothing about the future is in stone, and things can always change. But, as we’ve been spending a lot of time with MacBook Pro surveying what our customers use, what I/O they need, where their needs are growing and how they are changing, and did a lot of soul searching on it and asking ourselves about a lot of connectors about USB-A about SD card readers, about HDMI and requestioning everything.”

That being said, there are alternate ways of getting photos from your camera to your computer, like connecting it directly via the USB port. We know that some will definitely miss the convenience of an SD card slot, so that’s something to consider if you’re thinking about getting the new MacBook Pro.

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